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The n° 1 digital tool for Ancient Greek learning.

Ancient Greek Reference has been built from the ground up focusing solely on the most significant needs and issues Ancient Greek learners might face.

For this reason, it has a lean and schematic structure, which guarantees a fast and fluid learning process.

Ancient Greek App for iPhone

What's inside Ancient Greek Reference?

Ancient Greek Reference focuses on three main aspects of Ancient Greek: grammar, syntax and translation. So, inside the app you’ll find:

  • a grammar and syntax compendium, which includes more than a hundred topics, from the Greek alphabet to aorist passive, from the first declension to paradigms, from superlatives to relative clauses.
    There you have it! All you’ll ever need to know about Ancient Greek: find out more about our grammar compendium!
  • a guided set of lessons to learn Ancient Greek from alpha to omega: start from the basics and fight your way through more and more complex topics until you perfect your knowledge of you favourite ancient language! Find out more about lessons!
  • a set of original ancient texts with their translation, straight from the Italian Liceo Classico! Discover the work of Ancient Greece’s most iconic authors and see for yourself what the Final Exams of Italian humanities major are all about! Learn more about Liceo Classico or find out more about Anthology;
  • an “online declension finder” that allows you to find out from which base form a certain word derives from: for instance, if you search εὕρηκα, this tool tells you that it is an aorist from εὑρίσκω.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Ancient Greek Reference right now and enjoy its contents and its new and improved user interface with eye-friendly fonts and dynamic graphics!

Ancient Greek Reference

App Store Download

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App Store Download
Google Play Download

Sample Contents

Greek Alphabet

Greek Numbers

Greek Verb To Be