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Ancient Greek Anthology

Ancient Greek Anthology

Which Ancient Greek original texts did we select?

The selection process was quite straightforward: we asked ourselves “what is the most difficult exam high school students may face in terms of Ancient Greek?”.

The answer is easy: Italian “Liceo Classico” final exam! And if you’re not convinced, you may want to find out something more about this hellish major in humanities (find out more about “Liceo Classico”).

So, we set out in search for the original texts that students at Liceo Classico had to translate for their final exam in the last 30 years, and we put those texts inside Ancient Greek Reference.

How does this Ancient Greek Anthology work?

Inside this anthology you will find fifteen original ancient original texts (thirteen because, in Liceo Classico, they alternate Ancient Greek and Latin in the final exam) and their translation in modern English.

Since we found out that, sometimes, it’s almost impossible to keep the original Greek syntactical structure and end up with a decent English translation, we decided to adapt the structure to modern-day English and we added some notes to explain how the original clause or structure was like.

With this simple solution, if you have some doubts, it’s much easier to reverse-engineer the English translation back to Ancient Greek.

Are you ready to tackle Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus?

Then, go and get Ancient Greek Reference!

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Sample Contents

Greek Alphabet

Greek Numbers

Greek Verb To Be