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Ancient Greek Lessons

Ancient Greek Reference Lessons

The easiest way to learn Ancient Greek, from alpha to omega.

Inside this section of Ancient Greek Reference you’ll find a thorough and exhaustive set of lessons about Ancient Greek, starting from the alphabet and up to the most complex subjects and details of grammar and syntax.

Either if you’re starting from scratch or if you’ve already studied Ancient Greek, this section of the app provides you with a helpful tool to study your favorite extinct language in a schematic and orderly fashion.

Start from the basics and gradually raise the bar until you reach a perfect knowledge of Ancient Greek!

Why are Ancient Greek Reference’s Lessons so effective?

Let’s change our point of view for a while: why are traditional school books sometimes ineffective?

That is because their contents are often long-winded and poorly organized.

Thus, it’s very easy to get lost in an excessive bulk of information without being able to properly focus on what’s really important.

We wrote Ancient Greek Reference’s contents to be the exact opposite: they are in fact presented in a synthetic and schematic fashion.

Everything you’ll find inside the app is necessary and sufficient to learn Ancient Greek: nothing more, nothing less.

  • the content is presented schematically, by using tables, bullet point lists and notes;
  • the lessons are organized according to their difficulty level: either “beginner”, “intermediate” or “advanced”;
  • every single topic has its own intrinsic difficulty indicator from one to five, specified in an introductory table;
  • in the same table you may find a suggested reading time both for the first time you study the topic and for the following ones.

This solution provides the user with a quick and convenient way to master Ancient Greek, without the need to read entire books to learn things that could be taught in just a few pages.

Ancient Greek Course

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Greek Alphabet

Greek Numbers

Greek Verb To Be